AmpCon Network Controller Deployment and User Guide

AmpCon Release Notes

AmpCon Overview

AmpCon Installation and Upgrade

AmpCon Configuration

Switch and Policy Deployment Use Cases

Lifecycle Management Use Cases

Running Ansible Playbooks

Operation Logs and Alerts

Troubleshooting AmpCon

AmpCon API document

Guide for Config Verification via PicOS-V

Installing PICOS on Bare Metal Switches using AmpCon

Backup and Restore AmpCon Database Securely for Disaster Recovery Purpose

Appendix A: Example Security Init File

Appendix B: Example Global Configuration

Appendix C: Example Security Configuration

Appendix D: Example Template

Appendix E: Template of JSON File

Appendix F: Multiple Site Templates of JSON File

Appendix G: picos_config Ansible Module Overview and Example Playbooks

Appendix H: AmpCon Pool License Mechanism

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